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The ACATS 2016 Tractor Show

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The Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Show

    ACATS, is an annual event held an entire weekend in September. It is held on the third weekend with a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    In its eleventh year, the show has grown from a handful of neighbors showing off their tractors, to a multi-county extravaganza!
    The first year had 25 participants and has grown to over 103 participants in 2014. As the number of tractors has grown, so has the attendance, in 2013, the number of attendees was approximately 1,500, the entire town of Shirleysburg and then some.
    In late 2011, we rescued a stray tractor from a shelter. His name is Auggie Oliver. Auggie joined ACATS this year, as its mascot.
    Auggie met his new sweetie Fergie. The two of them will be attending ACATS 2016.
    The show is held at the "Old School House Grounds" on West Street, in Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania.

2016 Annual Aughwick Creek Tractor Ride

    The Aughwick Creek Tractor Ride will be held Saturday, June 4th, 2016.

    Last year's Ride was a great success. We hope to see you again at the 2016 Ride!

    We would like for you keep in touch with ACATS and Auggie. Please email or give us a call.

Check out the ACATS 2015 Raffle Prizes!

Join Auggie and his friends for this year's show on September 16th, 17th, and 18th of 2016

** ACATS will feature Oliver tractors for 2016 **

ACATS 2017 will be held September 15th, 16th, and 17th of 2017

Free Parking and Free Admission


If you would like to contact Auggie, send him an e-mail at auggie@aughwicktractorshow.com

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